About Shetron

Shetron is a packaging solutions company that partners with clients to provide quality, reliability of service and innovative solutions.

Shetron Limited is a metal packaging company focused on creating packaging solutions for the food industry. Shetron Limited was incorporated in 1980 and commenced production in 1984 of Dry Cell Battery Jackets/Components and later on of Metal Cans and Lug Caps for Food.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Metal Packaging, Printed Metal Sheets and Dry-cell Battery Jackets and Components, Shetron is the dominant supplier for many multinational industries. We have decades of experience providing metal packaging for the food industry and supplying many leading companies with all their packaging needs.

With world class manufacturing facilities, Shetron offers products of international standards that are created using the latest technologies ensuring the highest possible quality. We partner with our clients in designing packaging that suits their every need.

The Company is also the largest integrated Producer of Dry Cell Battery Jackets in the South East Asian region and Europe over the last two decades has attained the number one position as the most preferred supplier to a large number of leading organisations

Why Choose Shetron?

We are in business to help our customers grow their business. We understand that our customers brands are very valuable assets that packaging needs to protect, enhance, and grow. With that we focus on:

Trust :

Built by consistently delivering results
Decades of consistently delivering results have built an unshakeable trust in us. This trust is brought about by our uncompromising dedication towards adding value to our customer’s products. Our customers know that we always deliver high quality products, on time and at globally competitive rates irrespective of the situation. We guarantee that our packaging will keep your product safe and create comforting and secure experience with the end consumer.



What we can do instead of what we already have done
Packaging can go further than its basic functions of protecting and delivering the products. Today, packaging can deliver convenience, engaging experience and a lot more. We work with our clients to create ideas and solutions that make their products more endearing to their end consumers.

So whether it is packaging that is friendlier or packaging that creates fun experience, we will help your packaging do more for your business.



Customers are more like 'partners' than just 'clients'
Our attitude towards our customers focuses on treating them more as a partner rather than as a client. Their success is as important to us as our own. Over the years we have done many things to help our clients grow. We have continually scaled capacity, added locations closer to our clients to reduce lead times and costs. We proactively work with clients and plan around their packaging needs and we are flexible to handle small orders with more variety.

We have grown our business by providing them with exactly what they need, when they need it and we allow them to focus on their core business and give them a little peace of mind. Over the years we have partnered with a huge number of multinationals as well as foreign and domestic companies.

Shetron Limited