Dies and Tools

Sansha Systems is one of the preferred sources for pressed products in India. We manufacture components from thickness 0.5 mm to 4 mm CRCA sheets and up to 6 mm HR sheet.

Dies are made of two halves an upper and lower portion.

Material is placed between those upper and lower halves and is cut, shaped or formed by the die.

Dies are used in machine tools such as stamping presses or forging presses. Automobile tenders, coins and easy open can tops are some products processed by dies.

Dies allow a great many identical interchangeable parts to be made from the same set of tooling.

Sansha System Limited can manufacture any types of dies and tools up to the capacity 1 ton in weight and 1 meter in length.



  • Complex Dies that normally take months to design, grind and put together, now can be created in a very short time with our wire EDM Machine.
  • Dies are designed using the latest CAD/CAM software and fed directly to the wire EDM Machine.
  • With this technology in-house along with our conventional machine shop, we have placed ourselves in a position of producing high quality dies, Progressive and Compound dies.