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Shetron Limited is a metal packaging company focused on creating packaging solutions for the food industry. Shetron Limited was incorporated in 1980 and commenced production in 1984 of Dry Cell Battery Jackets/Components and later on of Metal Cans and Lug Caps for Food

As one of the leading manufacturers of Metal Packaging, Printed Metal Sheets and Dry-cell Battery Jackets and Components, Shetron is the dominant supplier...

  • Shetron Group

    Shetron is a packaging solutions company that partners with clients to provide quality, reliability of service and innovative solutions.

    Shetron Limited is a metal packaging company..

  • Fibre Foils

    Fibre Foils leverages the power of paper to provide custom, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

    Paper is stronger and more versatile than most of us think..

  • Sansha Systems

    Sansha Systems satisfies all our client's needs through custom products manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology.

    Sansha System Limited is an ISO 9001-2008..